The current pandemic has seen a sharp rise in the number of enquiries we are receiving for Life Insurance. However, given the lockdown in most countries it is very difficult, if possible at all, for teachers to undergo the medical testing usually required before being accepted and getting coverage in place.

Life insurance is vitally important if you have dependents but something that is often overlooked. In uncertain times like these it has never been more important to have cover in place but probably impossible under lockdown to get out and undergo the medical tests required. We have been working closely with our providers in adapting procedures and I am pleased to announce that we can now offer up to $800,000 (or currency equivalent) in cover without the need for medicals at the moment. This is great news for anyone with a dependent family who has been thinking about the need for portable international cover.

There are three simple steps that can be completed by email without the need to post paperwork:


1. Complete an application


2. Scan proof of identity and proof of address


3. Sign and scan back a quotation

If you would like to explore your options and get a free, no obligation quote please do contact us