Health & Wellness

Expat teachers and professionals feel reborn whenever they join a Renaissance Workplace Benefits healthcare plan.

  • In-patient / Out-patient Visits
  • Dental Treatments
  • Prescription Coverage
  • Maternity Care
  • Emergency Evacuations
  • Low Out-of-pocket Costs

Renaissance Workplace Benefits offers specialized medical plans to globetrotting teachers that are customer-oriented, rich in features, and highly affordable. They cover accidents, major medical, and routine health maintenance at certified, well-respected international hospitals and clinics and are a perfect complement to our Wealth Management and Life Assurance offerings.



Our banking services, flexible savings plans, short- and long-term investments, and fixed-rate mortgages are geared towards expat teachers and other international professionals, and are designed to provide financial stability conveniently.

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Simplified wealth management plans and affordable health cover provide peace of mind, as do life assurance policies, income replacement allowances, travel insurance, and a host of other benefits designed to keep you and your family secure.

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Renaissance Workplace Benefits succeeds thanks in part to
our numerous professional alliances

We have developed strong partnerships with market leading financial services providers and tax advisers.

  • Trowbridge Tax Consultants
  • FinaMetrica

The leading recruitment agency for international teachers is an invaluable
resource for Renaissance Workplace Benefits.

  • Search Associates

We’re proud to be affiliated with financial organizations committed to
the highest standards of ethics and service.

  • CII certified
  • PFS members