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That’s what you can make once you’ve obtained a Risk Profile from our trusted partner, FinaMetrica. You understand your needs, you recognize the potential rewards, but you also need to assess the risks associated with wealth management products.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll make more informed decisions about investment and insurance products. And once those are aligned with your family’s risk tolerance, you’ll be better able to cope with future fluctuations in your portfolio. Here’s what FinaMetrica measures…

Risk Capacity

The maximum level of financial risk you can afford to take.

Risk Required

The optimal level of risk to achieve the results you require.

Risk Tolerance

The amount of risk that you’re emotionally comfortable with.

Your Risk Profile is based on empirical evidence and can be mapped onto the financial-planning recommendations you’ll receive from Renaissance Workplace Benefits.


The ideal employee benefits plan weighs
rewards and risks

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